What is the purpose of NSF Dollars for Scholars?
To assist and encourage residents of Norwood to obtain post secondary cultural, vocational or professional education.

How will this purpose be met?
NSF Dollars for Scholars will accomplish this purpose by being the entity to which individuals, organizations and businesses can make contributions, bequests and endowments. The contributions, as well as income from invested funds, will be used for the awarding of scholarships to residents of the Town of Norwood. All contributions are tax deductible.

How are NSF Dollars for Scholars funds invested and used?
All the funds of NSF Dollars for Scholars are well invested in appropriate income-producing vehicles, with a portion of the income being used for scholarship awards. A finance committee oversees the investments.

How are scholarships determined?
Awards are recommended to the Board of Directors by a scholarship committee on the basis of scholastic excellence, merit and need.

Who can help support NSF Dollars for Scholars?
NSF Dollars for Scholars looks for support from individuals, organizations, businesses and others in the form of tax deductible gifts, bequests, endowments and contributions. The funds from these sources will provide an investment pool from which scholarships will be awarded. Donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to, Norwood Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars P.O. Box 112 Norwood, MA 02062.

What is the Century Club Dinner?
Each Spring, the NSF Dollars for Scholars holds its Century Club Dinner. We celebrate the success of the NSF Dollars for Scholars and the talents of the students.

Can I Establish a Memorial in the name of a loved one?
If you wish to perpetuate the name of a loved one, please consider an endowment fund. If you wish to establish a permanent fund, you would have a 10-year period to reach the principal amount of the fund.